Devised by the company from the story by Toby Mitchell


Toby Mitchell
Creative Producer
Olivia Jacobs
Associate Directors
Tim Hibberd, Lora Davies
Polly Sullivan
Puppet Designer
Yvonne Stone
Lighting Designer
Will Evans
Costume Supervisor
Martelle Hunt
Morag Cross
Music and Lyrics
Jon Fiber and Andy Shaw
Additional Lyrics
Olivia Jacobs
Book Illustrator
Anna Lewenhaupt
Thanks to
Our initial devisers Lesley Cook, Morag Cross, Gareth Farley, Nathan Guy, Felix Hayes, Ruth Hutchinson, Clare McKenna, Pady O’Connor, Alice Parsloe, Alex Perkins, Kai Simmons, Tom Banks; illustrator Anna Lewenhaupt; original lighting designer James Whiteside; our tour venues and rehearsal rooms; Arts Council England; Caroline Beckman; Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead; Victoria Wainwright; Anna Wilson; Tyla; the Tall Stories board members. This show is for Freddie and Dominic.

Previous team members

Nathan Guy (original production), Gareth Farley, David Ahmad, Tom Gillies, Chris Sharp, Andrew Simeon, Daniel Naddafy, Jonathan Lum, Will Croft, Emilio Iannucci, Jake Addley, Danny Hendrix
Clare McKenna (original production), Morag Cross, Anna Delchev, Lesley Cook, Sarah Calver, Louise Mai Newberry, Ruth Hutchinson, Amy Harris
Tom Banks (original production), Kai Simmons, Ben Richardson, Ross Sutherland, Alastair Chisholm, Duncan McInnes, Glyn Williams