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The Gruffalo is the perfect intro to theatre for kids★★★★

The Londonist

This is a must see if your family are Gruffalo lovers like us!★★★★★

What's Good to Do

Tall Stories’ production gives so much more to its audience than any animation ever could... Continues to be the ultimate family favourite.★★★★★

What's On Live

Just as enjoyable for parents as it is for children... couldn't recommend this enough★★★★★

West End Wilma

An interactive sensation for both kids and parents alike★★★★★

Birmingham Mail

There was one young boy, aged 5... He couldn't quite understand what to expect and said he didn't really want to go because he didn't know what the theatre was or what people did there. I sat behind him during the performance, and have never seen someone participate quite so enthusiastically! He was 'ROAR-ing' with the mouse, trying to throw the rope to the Gruffalo, and jumping up and down in the songs. At the end of the day - he ran up to his mum beaming saying 'This was the BEST DAY EVER! I LOVE the theatre!'.

Audience member (youth leader)

The delight on the children’s faces for the entirety of the show is worth the tickets price alone.★★★★★

Opening Night

I would highly recommend this show to any parent★★★★★

North West End

The performances, the script and the staging were wonderful and the three of us (and the rest of the theatre) were absolutely enthralled.

Pauline, audience member

My children (3 & 5) loved it and so did mum and dad!

John, audience member

This show achieves exactly what it sets out to do and fully deserves the appreciation of reviewers, whether aged eight or eighty.★★★★

British Theatre

Keeps the children spellbound and is hard to fault

Radio Times

An entertaining musical version of the popular picture book [with] tuneful songs… and engaging, gently pantomimic interaction.

The Stage

Superb, energetic, committed theatre.

Phil, audience member

Thoroughly enjoyable performance which had us all laughing for hours after we left. I will be singing your praises to all my friends!

Sarah, Leah (aged 4) and Joel (aged 7)

The perfect amount of music, audience interaction and jokes to keep both the adults and children engaged and interested.★★★★

LondonTheatre1 (2016)

Brought to life in a raucous, fun, colourful and altogether welcoming burst of energy… Tall Stories makes an as near perfect kids show as you can get.

Official London Theatre

My mum (74), me (40) and my daughter (2.5) came to see this today and I honestly don't know who enjoyed it the most, it was absolutely fantastic and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending it

Holly, audience member

My daughter is 3 and couldn't take her eyes off the stage... in fact she cried at the end because she didn't want it to finish. The show was fantastic - great music, wonderful interaction with the audience and the cast were superb. The added bonus of a little adult humour made a perfect morning out as a family.

Lucy, audience member

Unlike some drama for slightly older children… it doesn’t channel the children’s-telly-presenter manic vapidity, demanding cheers and screams from the start. It builds properly, like a storybook, letting the Mouse’s journey through the wood draw the attentive audience with it. – Libby Purves Reviews

The audience remains enraptured throughout… Pre-schoolers will have a barnstorming time with Tall Stories’ staging of Donaldson’s delightful characters.

Imogen Russell Williams

Previous Tour Reviews

A master-class in timeless, interactive storytelling that blends adventurous imagination with whimsical original music to capture the hearts and minds of its young audience.★★★★

Whats On Stage

The cast of three uses an expressive physicality and minimal props to bring the story to wonderful life… The gently witty songs keep the action bouncing along… This is an irresistibly charming tale told with refreshing simplicity.★★★★

The Times

A fine piece of children’s theatre.★★★★

Sunday Times

This zesty show is just the ticket!★★★★

Daily Express

Great family entertainment★★★★

Ham & High

A three-hander that buzzes with energy and pizzazz

The Stage

This play develops Donaldson’s words with perfect understanding… This whimsical, imaginative show is pitched at just the right level for three to seven-year-olds, as well as the ‘ugly big ones’ they have brought along with them… This show is an absolute delight… It is a rare treat to find a show that really is for all the family, but this is one which cannot be commended enough for its spot-on achievements.★★★★★


Julia Donaldson’s tale of a clever mouse who outsmarts its enemies is an absolute peach of a story. And thankfully, children’s theatre company Tall Stories have done the author proud…★★★★★

The List

Monstrous fun … sparks the young imagination … Hugely popular already and deservedly so, this is enthralling entertainment for the youngsters …★★★★

Sunday Herald

Tall Stories have transformed a well-loved story into an exuberant, funny show

Time Out (top five children’s shows)