As the story of Mr Benn unfolds, the over-four target age group, not to mention the grown-ups who have sneaked in up the back, become entranced… A timely reminder that the only limit to your experiences is your imagination.★★★★

Edinburgh Evening News

Awesome… Unforgettable… A charming tale of the adventures that await all of us if we just look for them.★★★★★

Broadway Baby

This lovingly staged adaptation delights a whole new generation of youngsters… The songs are jolly, as are the cast… A reminder of how a little escapist fantasy can enliven the way we see the world, and ourselves.★★★★

The Herald

Who knew that dressing up could have such a powerful effect? Layers of innovative theatricality and catchy songs abound…★★★★

The List

A stage version full of magic and music… The hour long show, with puppetry, magic and illusion, was slick and smooth with clever and subtle lyrics… The message that seemingly ordinary things can be extraordinary is a positive and life enhancing one, so applause to that.★★★★

Edinburgh Guide