The Canterville Ghost


Tall Stories have managed to abridge a tale not only with mirth, they've shown up most of the other acts at the Fringe by proving they can pull out every trick conceivable★★★★

The Skinny

Pithy and poignant, exceedingly clever and quite simply a delight.★★★★★

The 730 Review

Inventive, delightful and hilarious.★★★★

The Scotsman

The show is greatly entertaining with laughs coming thick and fast but also a more serious message about the transience and worth of existence. Full of artistry and surprises, The Canterville Ghost is a great antidote to cold dark nights and well worth catching.★★★★

The Reviews Hub

An awe-inspiring exhibition of talent... Such a smart, innovative show is fitting as a tribute to the genius of Oscar Wilde.★★★★

Theatre Weekly

Astoundingly good. One of the best things I've ever seen at the Fringe (6th visit).

Bhee Bellew, audience review

Far more than a ghost story - poignant, darkly funny and sometimes raucous humour, great magic and some mindreading to boot!

Kerry Cox, audience review

Really clever, well executed show performed by a really talented cast. One of the best things I saw at this year's Fringe.

Katy, audience review

Wonderful set and prop design and four genuinely talented performers create an atmospheric tale within a tale that is quite haunting. As good as anything I’ve ever seen at the Fringe, highly recommended.

Lewis Cox, audience review