Children expecting the cheerful Disney version of Snow White are probably in for a shock. Tall Stories go back to the original Brothers Grimm for the basis of this chilling story... The three actors use an inspired mix of mime and song in this strongly visual production.★★★★

The Scotsman

Tall Stories highlight the darker side of the story whilst still maintaining its target kiddie audience. The three adept performers on the near-empty stage switch between characters with dexterity and ease. Convincing? This big kid cried when Snow White died. Entertaining? The kids wanted more. Enchanting? Certainly.

The List

This is a stylish reworking… Jon Fiber’s musical score goes a long way to creating the sense of place, combining elements of folk with hints of the burlesque. Director Olivia Jacobs and the dexterous cast firm up the castle, the dark forest, the dwarf’s house, with a mixture of mime, clowining and physical theatre.

The Herald

Excellent performances from three versatile performers keep the kids – and their parents – enthralled. There’s magic and music aplenty – especially that mysterious moving mirror. The show seems to live up to its boast that it’s suitable for all ages from five to one hundred and five.

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