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Beyond family audiences...

Best known as a producer of shows for family audiences, Tall Stories also creates shows aimed at grown-ups. To celebrate its 21st birthday in 2018, the company created 'The Canterville Ghost' - definitely unsuitable for under 12s. Here is a list of our past shows for grown-ups.

V.M.W. (1998, UK)
A comedy about three female friends, devised and directed by Toby Mitchell. ‘Three aspects of woman, channelled through three energetic and talented young actresses’ (Three Weeks)

‘X’ (1998, UK)
A dark comedy about jealousy, written by James King and directed by Olivia Jacobs. ‘A superb production’ (NewsWatch)

The Truth (1999, UK)
An internet love story, devised and directed by Toby Mitchell. ‘A witty, lightly satirical look into the future’ (Ham&High)

The Egg (2004, UK)
Can Emile beat the system? Translated and directed by Toby Mitchell, from Félicien Marceau’s 1950s French comedy. ‘Fresh, intriguing and funny’ (Big Issue)