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An Oscar Wilde double bill at the Edinburgh Fringe

22 Jun 2018

The 1997 Edinburgh Fringe saw the premiere of Tall Stories' first show, ‘The Happy Prince and Other Stories’, adapted from Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales. 21 years later, we are marking our 21st Fringe with two adaptations of Wilde's work - 'Wilde Creatures', a new adaptation of Wilde's fairytales everyone aged 5 and up; and 'The Canterville Ghost', a brand new show for grown-ups based on Wilde's spectral short story, which marks our 21st birthday and our coming of age!

The shows will play on alternate days throughout August at the Pleasance Courtyard. Visit the show pages to find out more about the productions! The shows will also preview at Nottingham Lakeside Arts on 28th and 29th July.