Tall Stories’ last two productions – The Gruffalo and Something Else – were hard acts to follow. But then this theatre company, who has made its name with imaginative and beautifully crafted productions, is unlikely to let anything go slack. And so it is with their latest adaptation.

So tight that the modulations in tone and pace are seamless, Mum and the Monster follows the lives of a little boy called Tom and his mum and his dad, with hypnotic rhythms, echoes and storytelling. By turns joyous and sad, exciting and frightening, this tale with an unexpected twist keeps up Tall Stories’ statuesque standards.

The List

Whilst most children’s shows disappear into a fantasy world that is often irrelevant to modern society, ‘Mum and the Monster’ tackles real-life issues that affect its audience, whilst still retaining the simplistic world of fairytales.★★★★


To explain the delicacy, wit and theatricality of Tall Stories’ story-telling would be to dissect the butterfly, because the three players delicately flick through the action with the lightest of touches, in a perpetual fountain of ingenuity and imagination…

It all adds up to a captivating story.

Times Educational Supplement

This show may be advertised for children but it is so well written, adults will probably get more out of it than the kids.