How the Giraffe Got its Neck is perfect for little and big kids everywhere who like asking questions. Conceived to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, and drawing on Kipling’s Just So stories for a dash of inspiration, this show brings the theory of evolution to life in a thoroughly entertaining and engaging way. This production takes full advantage of its audience’s limitless imagination. At the same time, it manages to remind adults that the best lessons are also a lot of fun.★★★★

Edinburgh Evening News

Funny, engaging, and wonderfully told, this is an admirable production with integrity and commitment to decent children’s entertainment. Charming puppetry, improvisation, and a timely musical score all contribute to this polished and soulful experience. Happily, I discovered, you don’t have to be as old, dead or as ‘clever’ as Darwin to appreciate evolution theory.★★★★

Three Weeks

The show is a constantly engaging mixture of storytelling and science. Comedy is pitched so that adults and children appreciate it on different levels, never patronising its young audience. If this was education, schools would be overflowing with enthusiastic pupils.

If you are the sort of adult that avoids children’s shows please don’t, be courageous and go with friends or borrow children and have a great time.★★★★