Tall Stories, the award-winning theatre company behind the stage productions of ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Room on the Broom’ and many more, is delighted to announce the return of a new free interactive performance touring to Year 6 classes in London this autumn.
‘Future Perfect’ is a brand new time-travelling adventure which addresses Key Stage 2 PSHE themes of making choices, setting personal goals, and the transition to secondary school.
In ‘Future Perfect’, students will meet Dominic, who made a big mistake a week ago and wishes he could go back in time to undo what happened. Accompanied by a Time Agent, students will travel backwards and forwards in time with Dominic as he frantically tries to fix things. Can he change the past and make his future perfect?
Performance details

Dates: 25th September to 13th October 2017
Space: Classroom (or small hall)
Audience number: 30-60 students
Max. shows per day: 2
Suitable for: Year 6
Duration: Approx. 50 minutes
Set-up: 15 minutes
Parking: None required
Performers: Two
Cost: FREE

Primary schools located in any London borough are eligible. If your school is interested in booking a performance please email