Funny and clever, this play has lots of big ideas about friendship, making mistakes and, of course, time travel... Absolutely brilliant.

Primary Times

An enjoyable and thoughtful time-travel story


Future Perfect is, quite literally, a thought-provoking show – that really is the whole point. It’s smoothly devised and managed with great charm.


We have seen many companies come and just dance around but this was the best and cleverest production that has been at the school!

Year 6 Teacher, Sudbourne Primary School

I thought the production as amazing. The children responded really well to seeing 'real actors' showing a storyline and then dipping in and out of role.

Kobi Nazrul Primary School

Informative, engaging and fun and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great way of getting conversations and thinking going around tricky, but relevant, topics.

Rhyl Primary School

Valuable insight into consequences of actions - in a fun and interactive way.

Orchard Primary School